I am a doctoral candidate in architecture at the University of Michigan. My research is focused on programmatic search methods in the field of architecture. In the past years, I have been working at the intersection of architectural design, computer science, mathematics and geometry, structural engineering and building physics. I’ve accomplished diverse jobs such as C or C++ programming, parametric design of architectural problems, processing the configuration of some structural systems with Formex algebra and running structural, thermal and lighting simulations. My research interest is integrated design, search algorithms, geometrical processing of forms, simulating the structural behavior and environmental performance of buildings.
In addition to my research work, due to my personal interest in teaching, I’ve been trained as a future faculty at the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) at the University of Michigan and acquired the Graduate Teaching Certificate. This faculty preparatory program led me to study further in the area of architecture pedagogy and be successful in my position as a Graduate Student Instructor.